Alex Cordo


Electric guitar



It only takes a few notes to recognise Alex Cordo's playing. A signature no doubt inherited from his past as a violinist and a need to tell the music as a story. On the compo side, it is also in this spirit that we should see his two albums Classics and Origami.

A sense of phrasing, a beautiful note, and a hint of virtuosity in a universe that is sometimes haunting, sometimes explosive: Alex Cordo takes care of the balance. When he's not on stage (notably with The Electric Barock Quartet, his guitar quartet with whom he adapts and interprets classical works in metal versions) or in masterclasses, he scribbles the pages of Guitar Part. 

Alex Cordo is endorsed by Vigier, Savarez, Guitar Pro, Orange and Two Notes.


Discography :

2016 Origami

2013 Classics

  • Electric guitar


  • Savarez Electric