Corelli Solea set


Alto Medium set

Reference : 630M


The NEW SOLEA CORELLI SET for VIOLA completes the new SOLEA string range for bow instruments. It will be available next JUNE. Available in MEDIUM and FORTE tension, the SOLEA VIOLA will be later available in LIGHT tension.
It took many years to develop this set. The efforts oriented on the sound, the response under the bow, the comfort of playing all over the pegboard, make possible to offer a balanced and homogeneous set.
Therefore it is possible to play the 4 SOLEA strings on the instrument.
Handmade in France this set is composed of strings wound on an exclusive synthetic core, the A with aluminum, the D with an assembly of metals among them aluminum, the G with an assembly of specific metals and the C with an assembly of metals including tungsten (essential elements to ensure optimum characteristics).