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Bruno-Michel discovers the same period Guitar Classical with John MAGGIO who will train him for five years until he enters the Conservatoire de Marseille in the same class as René BARTOLI. He obtained after three years of study a 1st Prize jury unanimously and decided to continue his training with Roland DYENS at the Musical Institute in Paris. He obtained an Award of Excellence and Superior and also discovered at this great specialist of Brazilian music, the subtleties of Bossa Nova and Samba. At the end of his studies, he creates the Quartet MUSYRIADE Musyriadeil (Flute, Guitar, Bass and Drums) that will offer him the opportunity to explore, by writing pieces and arrangements, the world of instrumental music. This group will last more than 10 years during which they will give many concerts and realize three records. He returned in 2005 in the world of the song with the Kilyombogroupe KILYOMBO to create the BRASSENS DA BAHIA show in which he revisits the songs of the poet to the Brazilian way and will be the starting point, five years later, his current musical project around the French song and Brazilian music he named "Samba French." A project built mainly around his own compositions, which will be quickly rewarded with a runner-up in the contest The Rush Aure in Bayeux (Calvados) and a first prize in The Thumb Loved the song to Chavannoz (isère ). But his concert career as a musician has always done in parallel with his teaching activity of classical guitar. Initially in music schools in the Rhône-Alpes region, and Lorraine, to finally return to the Conservatoire de Lyon region where in addition to teaching guitar, he leads the LATINAL assembly consisting of conservatory students for which he arranges popular music of Latin America, a workshop on Brazilian guitar and a song writing workshop.



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