Bruno Ramos


Bass player



Born in 1982 and lulled by music of various styles and horizons, then nourished by his practice of several instruments (piano, accordion, bandoneon, guitar, bass, double bass ...), Bruno Ramos is a hyperactive, creative musician, and in the service of music that can be found in several roles:

- Bassiste Magazine : educational leaflets and videos.
- YouTube channel Bruno Ramos Bass : dedicated to the bass and its universe.
- YouTube channel Spirlins : videos of funky covers with special guests.
- OAKS : 3 albums, the next album in preparation at December Square (recorded at ICP Brussels).
- KEROSEN : concerts of pop rock covers.
- Upcoming tribute concerts of Deep Purple's Concerto for Group and Orchestra.
- Anita Farmine : world music, 3 albums and tours, co-production of the album Seasons.
- Realization and bass for Margo ( The Voice 8 ), Mélodie Nelson, bass for Mathis Poulin,...
- Pearlie Spencer : EP and album.
- Sound creations for commercials, synchro, publishing, etc....
- Collaborations with Jean-Philippe Fanfant, Gaël Cadoux (ELECTRO DELUXE), Fred Bintner, Franck Dunas, Fake Idea, Christina Goh: Montreal International Percussion Festival (Canada), festival 1000 percussions Abidjan (Ivory Coast) recordings of several albums for Plaza Mayor Company Tokyo.

Whether on stage, on video, in the studio, or during the production, Bruno shares his work with authenticity and generosity, guided by his high standards


  • Bass guitar
  • DoubleBass
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar


  • Savarez Electric
  • Savarez Acoustic
  • Corelli