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Carlo Marchione, winner of seven major prizes at international competitions, has been the leading group of classical guitarists. Carlo has performed as a solo guitarist, with orchestras and chamber music ensembles. Nowadays he is a professor and regularly leads master classes at various European Conservatoires as well as being a regular guest at Festivals throughout Europe.

He started taking guitar lessons from the age of 10 with by Master L. Cauzzo, and later on with L. Gallucci. In 1976 he entered the local Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in his native town, passing the entrance exam in 1st place out of 100 applicants. There he studied with Master Mario Gangi, graduating with honours in 1983.

In the course of his career he has been awarded many top prizes in International competitions (Ancona 1979/80, "L. Legnani" Parma 1981, "M. Giuliani" 1982, "Ville de Sablé" 1985, Gargnano 1989, "N. Paganini" 1991, "Città di Latina" 1992). 
Besides that, he has inspired composers such as A. Carlevaro, C. Domeniconi and John Duarte to write pieces for him. Always looking for new ideas for his repertoire, he discovered almost forgotten compositions which come out like jewels through his genial transcriptions. Highly praised by the press of his editing Violin Fantasies 12 by Georg Philipp Telemann, which is released as a CD and music book.

While touring Russia in 1997 he was invited to perform in the prestigious Main Auditorium of "Tchaikowsky Conservatory in Moscow" as well as in the Philharmonia of St. Petersburg, an honour very rarely bestowed upon a guitarist. In October 1998 he gave his debut in the "Berliner Philharmonie".

He is a highly distinguished acknowledged seminar senior lecturer in the area of guitar music analysis. He currently leads at the Conservatorium Maastricht, (Netherlands) one of the most successful classes in Europe. Nowadays he is also Guest Professor at the Pôle Superiour d'enseignements artistiques ( apPSEA) at Lille (Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France) and at the Musical Academy "Civica Scuola delle Arti" in Rome (Italy).



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