Cristina Azuma


Classical guitar



Following an approach rooted in high quality of interpretation and an original repertoire for guitar, Brazilian born Cristina Azuma is a world renowned Brazilian guitarist with a career path that stands out in the classical guitar world.

She has been giving concerts since she was 16, as a soloist, in chamber music and with orchestra, first in Brazil, then in different countries of Americas, Europe and Far East. Between his recent collaborations, she records and plays with Paulo Bellinati (duo classical and serenade guitar) and Françoise Johannel (duo baroque guitar and spanish baroque harp)

Her solo recordings have received international awards, including Contatos, which was a finalist in the “Indie Awards” (the American selection of the 5 best solo classical CDs of the year, organised by specialised critics), and é de lei which won the “Prix de Création musicale” at the composition contest of the 8ème Carrefour Mondial de la Guitare, in Martinique.

Cristina Azuma is also a Doctor of Musicology from the Sorbonne University, specialist in the late 17th Century. She has recorded a CD of works for Baroque Guitar by the Spanish composer, Santiago de Murcia, for the Frame Company.

She also directs a sheet music collection for the publisher Henri Lemoine, through which she presents new guitar pieces.

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