"FOLIES D'ITALIE" SAVAREZ the day at Lake Orta





Free concerts Day classic pop rock

Ameno Lake Orta Italy​


Lago D'Orta Italy dream venue.

Crazy day organized by the association "A Paese A Sei Corde" in collaboration with DARIO FORNARA and participation SAVAREZ

We will be present with our greatest muscians for a day of music, in a beautiful setting on Lake D'Orta.

Many concerts from 15h to midnight.

Classic - Acoustics - Rock. The Savarez strings in all styles.

Classical Guitar : Armen Doneyan - Ekaterina Khoreva Acoustic

Guitar: Dario Fornara Latin trio paradise: Julien Martineau - Eric Franceries - Yann Dubost

Rock: Liam - Gaby Vegh - Renaud Burdin

All the musicians play Savarez classical, electric and acoustic Savarez Savarez some of which are prototypes coming soon.

The day will be hosted by renowned guitarist Francesco Biraghi, Professor of guitar class at the Milan Conservatory.

3pm to 7:30pm Dario Fornara guitarist stakeholders and journalist known fingerpicking magazine paper and internet, Bernard Maillot Savarez president and present musicians and luthiers, between concerts will present the latest during presentations on manufacturing and characteristics (guitars, strings, percussion ....).

Program :

3pm: Presentation of events, artists and Savarez products.

4pm: Demonstration and exhibition of classic guitars.

5pm: Demonstration and exhibit other acoustic instruments (guitars, mandolin, bass, etc.). 18.00: Conference and introduction of guests luthiers and their creation.

7pm0: Demonstration electric guitars and percussion with new products Savarez (bagdrum)

7:30pm: Wine tasting.

9pm-00pm: Concerts amplified. Featured artists: Ekaterina Khoreva and Armen Doneyan (classical guitar), Dario Fornara (acoustic guitar), Trio Paradis Latin with Julien Martineau (mandolin), Eric Franceries (classical guitar) and Yann Dubost (bass), followed by the trio of French guitarist Liam (guitar) with Gaby Vegh (electric bass) and Seb (drums).

information: www.unpaeseaseicorde.it

Contact: 347.4683319 - 328.4732653


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