Frédéric Herraïz





Frederic Herraïz, passionate about music and mainly the 6-string guitar teacher for 23 years and endorsed Ibanez.
Frédéric started playing the instrument when he discovered Eric Clapton's "Unplugged" album.
This was his first musical "shock". Thereafter, Frederic discovered instrumental music through guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vaî, Allan Holdsworth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Patrick Rondat...
Frédéric also studied with Patrick Rondat to perfect his technique.
Self-taught for many months, he then joined a jazz and harmony school to improve his skills.
Frédéric accompanied several rock bands during 10 years which also brought him the experience of the stage.
At the end of this training, Frédéric got his first contract as a guitar teacher in a music school. After a few years of teaching mainly in group lessons, Frederic decided to turn to private lessons at home.
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Classical Guitar


  • Savarez Electric
  • Savarez Acoustic