Brazilian and classical guitar set
7 strings

Reference : Y510MJ7


This 7-strings “Yamandu Costa” Signature set also represents for me the continuity of the Brazilian music school represented through the 7-strings guitar.
With the achievement of this 7-strings set, I can’t help thinking of famous musicians like “Dino 7 strings (Horondino José da Silva)”, “Raphael Rabello”, and so many others unanimously recognized as being the greatest influencers of the Brazilian 7-strings guitar. 
It’s just a beautiful story; the story of the Brazilian guitar continues in the most beautiful way.
This 7-string set is the result of a long work done hand in hand with the Savarez Company. It is incredible and weird to be able to touch and feel this set in my hands. It’s so much pride and joy to play it. The quality of these strings is absolutely incredible”.  YAMANDU COSTA
The “YAMANDU COSTA” set consists of :
• 2 Savarez “New Crystal” nylon strings for the MI-E1 and Si-B2,
• 1 fluorocarbon string for the SOL-G 3. 
• 4 strings wound on a synthetic core.
The specificity of this set comes from the 7th string which has been specially developed and made for Yamandu Costa. As a result of these researches the “YAMANDU COSTA” set is composed of 7 perfectly homogeneous strings in terms of sound quality and easy playability.
The 7th string has been specially designed to be tuned in: La-A / Si-B / Do-C while preserving all its playabilities qualities.
The bass guitar strings from the 4th to the 7th string are packed in individual bags containing a self-adhesive anti-oxidation paper to protect their life by preventing corrosion.
“Over the past few years, Savarez and I had the desire, the will and the urge to design a product of exceptional quality and today it’s done!” YAMANDU COSTA