Harp Strings


As a result, the successive revolutions in string making and harp making knew the following main stages :

  • Constant improvement of the gut strings, from the string of Master SAVARESSE in 1770 to the currentrectified strings
  • The development of nylons in the 1950's
  • The introduction of a new material exclusive to SAVAREZ : the Alliance composite
  • The manufacture of the wound bass strings

Much progress arose from the collaboration with the musicians he associated to his research aimed at meeting their requirements with a care of perfection. And to ensure the success of their essential innovations, the best harp makers of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century approached SAVAREZ and sealed links that have been going on throughout the 20th century till nowadays.

Savarez has a wide range of harp strings that can be adapted to all frames: 

Mounting examples :

A summary table of all existing string sizes and references :