Isabel Siewers performs the premiere of Luces y Sombras with Camerata Cattaruzzi orchestra.



On next December 2nd and 3rd, in Buenos Aires' area, the Argentian Orchestra Camerata Cattaruzzi will play for the first time Claudia Montero's composition « Luces y Sombras ». The guitar solo will be performed by our dear Savarez artist Isabel Siewers.

Claudia Montero, a renowned composer.

The argentinian composer Claudia Montero, a twofold Latin Grammy winner, studied at the Alberto Ginastera Conservatory in Morón, Argentina. It was also at this Conservatory that Edgardo Cattaruzzi,  professor for Violin and for Chamber Music (and concertino of our National Symphony) formed a Chamber Orchestra  with some of his students three decades ago.  « As one of them, I feel honoured to have been asked to conduct this orchestra after his death » says Valeria Kaladjian the conductor. Isabel Siewers, who also taught at this Conservatory before taking her position at the Mozarteum in Austria, very often collaborated with Prof. Cattaruzzi as duo partner and in other kind of ensembles and has regulary cooperated with our Orchestra.  

Luces y Sombras, was commisioned by Institut Valencià de Cultura and dedicated to the Valencian composer Manuel Palau. It connects the musical language of Buenos Aires,  with its « post-Piazzolla » reminiscences of Milongas and Tango, and the Valencian spirit of Palau´s music . Claudia Montero, who now lives in Valencia, has found subtle atmospheres to illustrate this musical symbiosis in a heartful and authentic way.  

Isabel Siewers, our dear classical guitarist, in solo.

As a chamber musician Ms Siewers shows remarkable versatility and has enormous experience. Her repertoire in this field ranges from Giuliani or Paganini to Kurtag, Takemitsu, Guastavino, Piazzolla, Bodorová, and premières of new works.

Ms Siewers' recordings reflect her special interest in and love for 20th-century masterpieces for the guitar, also for the rich and enchanting Latin American repertory (also cross-over) and for chamber music with guitar.

Isabel Siewers plays classical guitar strings Savarez New Cristal Corum, high tension.

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