Juan el Flaco 


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Juan RODRIGUEZ, known as "JUAN El FLACO" was born on 14.08.1973 in France, resident of Lyon.

Juan El Flaco is a flamenco guitarist from a gypsy family from Almeria. Self-taught, he quickly shared the stage with such famous figures in modern flamenco as Potito, Guadiana, Enrique El Piculabe, David de Jacoba, Saul Quiroz , Rafita de Madrid, Miguel El Rubio , Paquete, Piraña, Manolo Franco, Vicente Amigo, Esperanza Fernandez, Chicuelo, Miguel Poveda, Paloma Fantova , Jose Maya, Belen Lopez , Karime Amaya.... His shows have been presented on many European stages (Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Germany, France...).

Juan El Flaco combines aesthetics and agitates the currents like the fresh water of a raging river, tormented by a flamenco with bewitching gypsyism and fascinating melodies and rhythms. The shattering guitar of a hallucinated genius with magic nails carries the singing shouting towards the bulerías, tangos and other alegrias, so many lost invitations to dance in a painfully cheerful atmosphere, that of the Andalusian patios where the artists mingle, meet and exchange, that of the ferias where the compass pushes us beyond such sweet and pleasant madness.


A renowned guitarist, Juan El Flaco has surrounded himself with the greatest to set out to conquer the borderless art that is Flamenco.

Much more than music: a hymn to the origins, sharing and emotions.

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