Julien Cattiaux


Acoustic jazz guitar



He started playing guitar professionally at the age of 19. He joined Ciam in Bordeaux where two passions, flamenco and gypsy jazz, were born.
Ten years later, he decided to settle in Nantes and dedicate himself to the accompaniment of gypsy jazz.

He will meet Tchavolo Schmitt and have the opportunity to accompany him. It was by meeting Gwen Cahue and William Brunard that he decided to settle in Paris. There, he will have the opportunity to accompany figures of the style such as Adrien Moignard, Sebastien Giniaux, Romane, Rocky Gresset, Costel Nitescu, Raphael Fays, Samson Schmitt, Mayo Hubert and Noé Reinhardt.

Today he is performing alongside:

  • Gwen Cahue Quartet
  • Romane & Daniel John Martin
  • Tchavolo Schmitt Quartet


  • Acoustic jazz guitar


  • Argentine