Kyo chose Savarez strings for its new album



« Le chemin », « Dernière danse », « Le Graal »: That's the pop rock French touch of Kyo that we listen for 17 years.  The 5th album of Benoît, Florian, Nicolas and Fabien will be released at the end of the year. And to record the last tracks they've tested Savarez strings. The bassist Florian Dubos talks to us about his playing with Hexagonal Explosion, Nickel Explosion and Acoustic strings.


Could you describe the atmosphere of these new tracks? Is this album more pop, rock, funk … than the former one?

I’d say it’s like Kyo: eclectic. Overall, it’s quite electro, but you can hear a lot of guitar, bass and rhythmics. You’ll hear also pop guitars for crunch/clean sounds, stronger tunes, acoustic and quite a few funk strums.

With which sets did you record your songs? (New ranges Acoustic Bronze, Phosphore Bronze, Hexagonal Explosion en basse et guitare ?)

We chose Hexagonal Explosion and Nickel Explosion for our electric guitars, 10-52 gauge. For acoustics we opted for 12-53 gauge, the most brilliant. It was mostly for pickings. And for basses’ Hexagonal strings it was 45-105 gauge.

Talk to us about guitars and basses on which you put these strings. What was your feeling of playing? 

I put them on a Fender Telecaster 52’ reissue, a PRS Singlecut and my old Strat Japan. Nico (Nicolas Chassagne the other guitarist) put them on his Gibson Les Paul of 1978 and 335. Our bass is a Fender Jazz bass. And for acoustic we played with a Gibson J-2000.Nicolas Chassagne

When I was changing strings, I immediately felt something pleasant, without knowing what it was, just putting my hand on the guitar. The feeling on roundwound strings is really great. The playing is smooth, it slips correctly. They well maintain chords, there’s a good consistency and balance of sounds between each string. It rocks and I didn’t break any string !

Does the new line Hexagonal Explosion match with instruments’ microphone?

 I felt it dynamic, balances. It perfectly worked with each guitar. There’s nothing for it but to play!

What difference make you with strings you used to play with?

I’d say it is this fluidity on bass strings, quality of the treble that are soft and not weak. Sometimes it’s an unpleasant surprise to open a set and realize the treble are already twisted or curved. It’s not the case with Savarez strings, but it was maybe my lucky day (laughs). Anyway, they’re well balanced and brilliant just as they have to be.

What would the 3 adjectives to describe Savarez strings?Florian Dubos

Smooth, balanced and dynamic.

Your tour begins in March 2018. If we ask you to put the new Acoustic and Hexagonal Explosion in your luggage, you say yes?

 Oh I say yes right away! I can let the same strings on my guitars for weeks but during tours I appreciate the feeling of new strings on instruments. Like this you have the same sound as the sound engineer. You don’t need to change settings according to strings condition. On main guitars, we change every two days. I’m curious to see how it’s going to sound live, what the sound engineer will say et also for basses. It was a smooth and comfortable playing in studio, so I want them for shows too! 

Listen to the EP "Ton mec"


They play :

Strings for electric guitar: Hexagonal Explosion 10-52 H50LM
Strings for bass electric: Hexagonal Explosion 45-105 B70M4
Strings for acoustic guitar: Acoustic Bronze 12-53 A130L
Strings for acoustic guitar: Phosphore Bronze 12-53 A140L