Matthieu Eskenazi


Bassist - Contrabassist



Musician, arranger and director, Matthieu Eskenazi studied music from childhood, first at the piano, then on the electric bass and double bass.
He has worked with many artists in a wide variety of styles: Funk, Oriental, Latin, Afro, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Pop, Salsa, Variety...

The crossbreeding of jazz with ethnic music and other polyrhythms represents the characteristic mark of his musical expression. He has thus accompanied a multitude of French, English, Indian, Cameroonian, Malagasy, Beninese, Cape Verdean, Congolese and Comorian artists from the four corners of the world.

In addition to his activity as a sideman in the studio or more often on stage, more than 120 concerts a year on average, Matthieu Eskenazi is regularly solicited as a composer, director or arranger by various artists and film directors.

Matthieu has been collaborating for many years with the English microphone manufacturer Bare Knuckle Pickups and the instrument manufacturer Sandberg, who have already placed their trust in him.

  • Bass guitar
  • DoubleBass


  • Savarez Electric
  • Corelli