Mric Taylor

Acoustic guitar / Electric guitar



Mric Taylor is a young artist, songwriter and producer of 23 years old from Lyon, France.

He started music at the age of 12 by composing his first songs.

His universe revolves around pop and soul, where his main influences come from. Quickly, he collaborated with a first Parisian label with which he made his first studio recordings.

After having scoured the concert halls around Lyon , he set up in Mexico City where he collaborated with Sony Music and composed for a Mexican artist. Back in France, he teamed up with a producer DJ (Alexis Dulong) with whom he formed "DUALL", with more dance touches.

He recently played in the legendary concert hall "L'Alhambra" in Paris in partnership with Virgin Radio.

Several of his songs are already on radio in France and he is preparing today a first album that he records between France and Latin America.

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar


  • Savarez Electric
  • Savarez Acoustic
  • Argentine