New Savarez Electric Focus line for electric guitar and bass



Two centuries of history and always one step ahead!

With 250 years of experience, Savarez is expanding the electrical range and launching FOCUS a new set for guitar and bass guitar. These new FOCUS strings offer an unexpected playing quality, an enriched sound universe that is brighter, slamming and precise, with excellent dynamics.

The Focus range of guitar strings breaks codes! 

Made from new, innovative, stainless-steel alloy, wrapped around a hexagonal core, the Focus strings offer a different feel and sensation, a perfect balance between crisp highs and tight lows, excellent dynamics, super-bright tone, and more precise sound. The Focus strings are more durable, and stay in tune better, even with sustained use of a whammy bar

Not only perfect for playing blues, funk and reggae, but also for rock, pop and metal, Focus strings will make your guitar cut through the mix, and meet your expectations, whatever your style of music.