Self-taught training with Pierre Culas (jazz guitarist) and Thibaut Abrial (guitarist of Michel Berger, Johnny Hallyday) + one year of training at CIM

1983/84: tour with the group "Odeur
1985: participation in the album "Subway" (Eric Serra)
1988: three weeks tour in Japan
1990/92: tour in the United States 1 part ziggy marley in Martinique 
1993/97 concert + club in Paris with the group Live In
1996: participation in the album of "Taï-Phong
1997: first part of Eddy Mitchel with the group "Jaune Libre": more than one hundred dates in France including eight concerts at Bercy
1998 - 2016 sound illustration for various radio and TV
2000: opening act for the group "Texas" at Bercy with "Irène BO
2004/09: opening act for "Lionel Ritchie" with the group "Nord" at the Zenith in Paris

Participation in the album of "Pascal Mulot" (Tsar Bomba), and in the album of "GL BAND".

Several concerts with "Eric Bamy" (Johnny Hallyday's backing singer in live)

2008: last album of "Shakin' Street" (Century Love Channel),
2010: participation in the albums of "Renaud Hantson" (Anal Oriental Rock and Opera Rock + live DVD)
2011: recording of the album of the group "Superfiz" Replacement of the guitarist on some dates of Mickael Gregorio
2012 : Replacement for Mickael Gregorio
2013 : recording of the album of the group " Stratageme ".

Replacement with Florent Pagny

2014 : Tahiti Guitar Festival with Pascal Mulot Recording of the album " Big Ben " and the album of " Shakin Street
2015 DVD live casino de Séte with Fred Blondin
2016 various concerts with Fred Blondin
2016 various figurations (christoff, la mort dans l'âme, le doudou...)
2016 recording of the album Benvenuti + various concerts
2018 various concert with ned ( signature at becausemusic )
2019 concert in côte d'ivoive ( abidjan ) as well as the alambra and the reservoir with fady bazi - barbara thomas first part of yarol (halliday fff )
2020 Creation of my Youtube channel
2021 Release of my instrumental album xi with a review in Guitare Extreme

Concert in Calvi in Corsica

Interview on the guitar channel 

Video for Gibson guitar brand
Masterclass in Brittany Pat O MAY and Nono
Masterclass at studio 13 in Saint Leu La Forêt
Masterclass at the Salle du Noyer in Vaugrigneuse
2022 instrumental concert with Pascal Mulot and keuj
Masterclass Cormeilles en Parisis Studio 240
First part of Pat MC Manus in solo
Masterclass Bords de Seine in Chambly

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar


  • Savarez Electric
  • Savarez Acoustic