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Philippe PETIT is a guitarist, a composer, a teacher; an improvising musician of the fleeting moment. He has built his life around Jazz; he has played or recorded with many important musicians, such as :

  • The trumpeters Dizzy GILLESPIE, James MORRISON, Eric LE LANN, Stéphane BELMONDO.
  • The guitarists Tal FARLOW, Jimmy GOURLEY, Philip CATHERINE, Christian ESCOUDÉ.
  • The pianists Joe ALBANY, René URTREGER, Maurice VANDER, Michel GRAILLIER, Emmanuel BEX.
  • The double bassists Pierre MICHELOT, Alby CULLAZ, Jean-François JENNY-CLARK, Miroslav VITOUS.
  • The drummers Aldo ROMANO, Bernard LUBAT, Steve SMITH, Charles BELLONZI, Eliot ZIGMUND.
  • There was also his long and adventurous collaboration with the saxophonist Barney WILEN from Nice.

He gained public recognition with the famous album LA NOTE BLEUE - Grand Prix de l'Académie Charles CROS -, recorded with Barney WILEN on saxophones; Alain JEAN-MARIE (piano); Riccardo DEL FRA (double bass); Sangoma EVERETT (drums).

They create together two Symphonic Works:

  • APOLLON JAZZ : with the Orchestra of Nice for the inauguration of Acropolis ; and :
  • SIGMANIALOGIE 21 : with the Bordeaux-Aquitaine Orchestra for the SIGMA Festival, in Bordeaux.

Plus a live album: FLASHBACK, illustration of their Duo at the Festival de Radio France Montpellier.

Other recordings and European tours follow, with :

  • The brilliant double bass player Miroslav VITOUS: IMPRESSIONS OF PARIS.
  • The legendary guitarist Tal FARLOW : STANDARDS RECITAL.
  • Philippe also released a solo album : GUITAR REFLECTIONS.

He also performs :

  • in New-York, at the ZINNO : with Tal FARLOW and Steve GILMORE (double bass).
  • in Philadelphia: with Shirley SCOTT (piano); Arthur HARPER (double bass); Mickey ROKER (drums).
  • in Caracas with Elios FERRÉ, invited by Leo BROUWER for the WORLD GUITAR FESTIVAL.
  • in Paris, for the NUIT DE LA GUITARE at the OLYMPIA, with Louis PETRUCCIANI on double bass.
  • at the DUC DES LOMBARDS and on tour with Louis and the wonderful American drummer Eliot ZIGMUND.

With his colleagues and friends Michel HAUMONT; Roland DYENS, he plays in Guitar Festivals.

Taught Jazz guitar in Paris: at the CIM; Conservatoire Mozart-Les Halles; in the provinces: at the Conservatoires of Guérande; Sablé-sur-Sarthe; Le Mans; Nice.

He has given numerous Masterclasses all over the world, as far as Philadelphia.

Philippe PETIT has recently been heard with the double bass player Stéphane KERECKI; and in the groups:

  • NO JAM TRIO: with Ruth LEVY-BENSEFT (double bass); and drummers Thomas DELOR; François LAIZEAU; the Trio with Sangoma EVERETT inviting guitarist Philip CATHERINE.
  • GUITARES D'AMOU: a two-guitar project with a repertoire of revisited compositions and standards.

Philippe PETIT plays the French horn.




'It's kind of a life story! I play Savarez strings since I'm a kid. Indeed, I started to learn with my father's manouche guitar, and it was Argentine strings.

Later, I was testing Black Sun in the 80-90's and collaborating with Michel SIMANE the 'strings maker' at Savarez. I took part in elaboration of jazz strings prototypes played on my duos albums:  
'IMPRESSIONS OF PARIS' with Miroslav VITOUS on double bass;
and 'STANDARDS RECITAL' withTal FARLOW, legendary guitarist. 
I've been using for 30 years, and what a delight, Savarez CORUM Alliance, now CANTIGA Alliance for my classical and flamenca guitars; I see them evolve with great interest toward always more excellence. A big thank you to Bernard Maillot and his family; to the entire staff. And the adventure goes on with Savarez Electric Hexagonal Explosion!… C'est Nickel.'

  • Classical Guitar
  • Electric guitar


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