Bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic jazz



Studies bass and double bass at 15 with one of the best double bass player of the Opéra de Paris. He works with different artists : Vivian REED , Nancy HOLLOWAY, Jean-Luc LAHAYE, DJamel ALLAM, Rachid BARI, NICOLETTA, François VALÉRY, Suber BEBOP, Anny GOULD, le Big Band of Roger GUÉRIN, the Group SANTIAGO (plays the opening act of Johnny Hallyday's concert at the Parc des Princes). He tours around Italy with the French group ROCKETS and participates in recordings.

Many artists contact him, among them, the group VISITORS (albums sold in more than 15 countries), the group SQUATTERS. That group played at Catherine Lara's concert during two French tours.

Several tours in Europe with the American singer Vivian REED.
He worked on diverse shows of exceptional artists: Dizzy GILLESPIE, Phil WOODS, Bob CRANSHAW, Don ELLIOT, Jimmy OWENS, les frères PERCY-HEATH, Stan GETZ.
His favorite bass players are : Anthony Jackson, Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Nathan East, Tony Levin, Sting.

The instruments he uses : Bass F 6 strings fretless, Jazz-bass FENDER, a six strings BASSLAB, Yamaha 5 strings, Ampli SWR, classic double bass.

Future projects : the album of the Ricco brothers.

  • Bass guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic jazz guitar


  • Savarez Electric
  • Corelli