Sönke Meinen


Acoustic guitar




Sönke Meinen embraces all influences from folk, classical music and pop to jazz and film music. On only six strings he sounds like a whole band and explores every possibility of his instrument: One moment he unleashes guitar fireworks in „Sparklemuffin”, “Perpetuum Mobile” or a barnstorming mashup of Michael Jackson’s „Bad“, and the next moment he moves his audience with hauntingly beautiful and melodic ballads. Even with his versatility, his guitar playing is always uncompromisingly unique and on a world-class level – virtuosic, delicate, groovy.
The concerts of the award-winning musician are by no means for guitar connoisseurs only. He shares unbelievable and hilarious stories about his compositions and leads through a top-class concert evening in a pleasantly empathetic and relaxed manner. 
With his playing, Sönke Meinen has acquired an outstanding reputation in the international guitar scene. A must-see and must-hear!
  • Acoustic guitar


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