Serge Dacosse 





Bassist and composer Serge Dacosse is a musician on a course paved with musical adventures, Jazz, Latin music and flamenco are the ways Serge likes to venture, just as much as they are sources of his inspiration.

ln 1988, his path crosses that of Paolo Radoni. who opens for him the door to the "Blue Note”. Little by little, he leaves his mark on the Belgian Jazz scene, where he joins experiences with notably Yvan Paduart, André Charlier, Laurent Blondiau, Fabrice Alleman, Robert Graham, Diedriek Wissels, Jacques Pelzer, Steve Houben, Willy Vandewalle, Stéphane Martini, Michel Bisceglia, Carlo Nardozza, Adrien Verderame, Stefan Bracaval, Lionel Beuvens, Pandit Sandip Bhaltacharya, to name but the most renowned.

Originating from Brussels, Serge moves to Liège, where he finishes his university studies in psychology. It is there, in 1992, that he gets to know Stéphane Martini with whom he discovers Brazilian and Cuban music. Several collaborations arise out of their encounter : Tropicana Salsa, Latin Fun, Almoria Trio, among others. The experience gained with the Almoria Trio. enables him to take his first steps into musical composition.

ln 1997, he performs with this formation in the supporting program of Aldi Meola at the Jazz Festival of Tourcoing. A natural attraction towards Spain, leads Serge to discover flamenco. He crosses the peninsula several times and absorbes this culture in vivo. By his sonority and his very distinctive style, Serge earns recognition from many flamenco artists. He performs with Kuky Santiago, Ana Pérez Servius, Lucas el Luco, Sara Sánchez Rico, Irene Álvarez, Alexander Gavilan, Esteban Murillo, José Toral, Marquito Velez, Sofia Yero, Javier Romero, Adi Akiva, José Ligero, Miguel Flores, Antonito Paz, Cristina Soler, Miguel Sanchez, Cuco Chelini, Francis Ligero, David Bastidas, Amparo Cortes.

Serge also leaves his mark on the Sumari Flamenco Jazz Project.

He participates in many festivals like : Festival international de Jazz à Liege, Festival Arte Flamenco de Mont-de-Marsan, Brussels Summer Festival, Jazz in't Park, Brussels Flamenco Festival, Brussels International Guitar Festival.

ln 2013, he invites the saxophonist and flutist Jorge Pardo ( Paco de Lucia ,Chick Corea ) to join his formation DACOSSE for a performance at the Brosella Jazz & Folk Festival.

Today he is part of the group OLEO, the new trio of guitarist Antonio Segura.

  • Bass guitar


  • Savarez Electric