Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone, Bass



The band SWING DE PARIS plays the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli but also the Swing classics of the “Great American Songbook”. SWING DE PARIS perform as a purely instrumental group and as an ensemble with a singer as well. A few years ago they started the project “Swing à la Ella” with LUISE ZEBRANO as singer, as an homage to the great lady jazz singers of the last decades. The mainly acoustic sound of the group immediately creates the sort of atmosphere typical for the cafés of Paris and takes you back to the “good old times”.

SWING DE PARIS - That's Rudi Pfaffenberger and Armin Schimak playing the guitar, Luise Zebrano singing, Florian "Schmali" Schmaler playing the saxophone and Thomas Stützel playing the bass.

  • DoubleBass
  • Acoustic jazz guitar


  • Corelli
  • Argentine