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Tania Chagnot began studying guitar at age 8 with Maurice Rosset as part of Fresnes National Music School. Two years later, she completed her musical education by studying the flute and viola. From 16 years she devoted himself to classical guitar and gave his first concerto under the direction of Jean Jacques Werner. In 1979 she brilliantly finished his studies at the conservatory in obtaining a gold medal, an award of excellence unanimously with honors. In 1980, Tania Chagnot meeting the master Alberto Ponce and was taught in his class from the École Normale de Musique de Paris. She gets unanimously with the highest award congratulations awarded by this prestigious institution, Concertiste Higher Diploma in 1984. But this is by participating in international competitions of interpretation Tania Chagnot will give a new dimension to his career obtaining 6 of 6 awards entries:

• 1st Prize at the International Competition of Guitar of Carpentras in 1981.
• 1st Prize at the International Competition of Guitar Sassari in 1982.
• 1st Prize at the International Guitar Competition in Rome in 1983.
• 2nd Prize at the International Competition of Guitar Toronto in 1984
• 2nd Prize at the Benicassim International Guitar Competition in 1984.

1985 was the year for Tania Chagnot of consecration. It is indeed the first French guitarist to win the most prestigious international competitions: the International Guitar Competition of Radio France-Paris. Therefore international career approached by many is confirmed; she gave many concerts in the UNITED STATES (Cleveland, Dallas), in Japan (Tokyo, Matsuyama) in CANADA (Toronto), in Cuba (Havana), VENEZUELA (Caracas, Santa Ana), in Italy (Rome, Rimini , Udine, Milan, ...) and in BELGIUM, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, GERMANY, FINLAND, JORDAN ... at these concerts abroad are added those made in FRANCE (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Perpignan, Toulouse ...), as well as radio and television programs in France and the United States. Besides his career, Tania Chagnot is also dedicated to education, which it considers a mutual enrichment, a necessary complement to any musical career. It runs since 1984 a guitar class at the Ecole Nationale de l'Hay-les-Roses Music. She obtained the Diploma of State in 1993 and the Certificate of Competence in 1995. It also gave master classes in the US and Japan and runs summer courses since 1989. The artistic and sincere approach this interpretation is to impose the qualities and wealth of the guitar world music and encourage creative works. This was the case with "Figurations VII" Felipe Pires, work commissioned by the Gulbenkian Foundation for the Competition of Radio France in 1987. "Y la memoria tapeworm seis cuerdas" Williams Montesinos created in November 1999, was dedicated to him. More recently, she created with Catherine Brisset, a work for guitar and crystal Bachet the same composer. If Tania Chagnot admits a real vocation to communicate the contemporary music of the great composers are Maurice Ohana, Felix Ibarrondo, Toru Takemitsu, Edith Lejet, his artistic sensibility naturally led to offer the public a wide repertoire of extended guitar, from early music to today. His discography reflects this openness to all guitar worlds: "The Guitaromanie" (Opera Tres), "Oceanonox" (Damaris Records), "Los Cuatro Elementos" (Opera Tres), "Eric Penicaud" (PEN), John -Jacques Werner-5 Cantatas (REM), Jean-Jacques Werner-Room Music (Marcal Classics). Desiring to promote the guitar, Tania Chagnot created the association "You told Guitar?" to organize the International Guitar Festival of Paris, which saw its first edition in November 2003.


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