Classical Guitar



1970: first concert in the Abbey on Iona / Scotland
1978: first LP as electric guitarist of free jazz lineup extempore
Since 1985 recordings of six CDs for EMI Classics
Worldwide concert tours as a soloist
1989: Composition and production of the CD cycle “Taqsim I-III,” a tribute to the oud
2000: premiere of the oratorio “Over the waters” at the EXPO in Hanover, composed of Hilliard Ensemble and the own quartet Bronsky RITUAL
2005: appears with “El Canto de la Leona” the CD portrait of “La Leona”, the famous guitar of Antonio Torre of 1856
2008: Foundation of the “Duo Lieske Spindler Guitars” with guitarist Fabian Spindler – emerged in the wake of three common CD’s
2013: premiere “Dreamtime” in the Kölner Philharmonie with the Symphony Orchestra of WDR, Mark Atkins (didgeridoo) and Wulfin Lieske are the soloist
2014: Composition of the clarinet concerto “Angel’s Ride
2015: Composition of the Violin Concerto “Resurrection”
Komponistenportrait CD’s “Violet” (for Guitar) “Anima” (Piano Works)



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