Yuki Saito


Classical guitar




One of the best young Japanese guitarists, Yuki Saito was born in 1997 in Tokyo (Japan) and started playing the guitar at the age of five. In Japan, he studied guitar under Kazuhito Osawa, Noboru Muraji, Daisuke Suzuki, Mariko Tsubokawa, Kiyoshi Shomura, Tsuneo Ema, Yong Tae Kim, and Soichi Muraji. In addition, he studied composition under Sunao Isaji and played French horn and double bass while he was in junior high school. Since 2016, he has been studying abroad in Weimar (Germany) with Prof. Ricardo Gallen.

He has won many prizes at national and international competitions in Europe. Among them, first prize at Kaj’s Guitarstore Guitar Competition (Netherlands), Aalborg International Guitar Competition (Denmark), Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga (Spain), Poreč International Guitar Competition (Croatia), Elx International Guitar Competition Calendura Award (Spain), Japan National Guitar Competition, Kyushu National Guitar Competition, second prize at Gargnano International Guitar Competition (Italy), Istanbul International Guitar Competition (Turkey), Hannabach Gitarrenpreis (Germany) and many more.

He was elected one of the Young Stars of 2019 by EuroStrings.  In 2019 he has a concert tour as well as masterclasses around Europe and Turkey.

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