Yvan Guillevic 


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Guitarist who has become a must in France for many years. He has been touring France for almost 25 years.

Leader of PYG (2 albums), Yvan Guillevic & Friends (1 album), co-leader with Anne Sorgues of the YGAS project (2 albums), he multiplies projects and albums in several styles, whether Melodic Rock, Progressive Rock, Blues, Gospel, Soul or Folk. He is featured on the compilations "Les Guitares Du Coeur" and "Guitar Addictive II" as well as on numerous albums as a session man.
He is also a renowned teacher and has had his own video section in the magazine Guitare Xtreme for the past 5 years, and gives masterclasses throughout France.

He is also on the cast of the two prestigious event albums "United Guitars" Volume 1 and 2.

In 2021 while working on the compositions and the preparation of the third album of YGAS, Yvan also prepares the release of his new project oriented Melodic Rock / AOR, named HEART LINE, whose first album
will be released during the year.

Yvan is also a demonstrator for Kelt Amplification amps, he designed with Thierry Labrouze his signature model, the YG-MAX.

Selective discography :
PYG : « End of the world » (Brennus) 2011/ « We live, we die » (Coop Breizh) 2013
Yvan Guillevic & Friends : « Pink Floyd Acoustic » (Show Me Productions) 2015
YGAS : « Do it your way » (Coop Breizh) 2017 / « Better days » (LMP) 2019
United Guitars Vol 1 : « Rainy Day In Brooklyn » feat Fred Chapellier / Judge Fredd
United Guitars Vol II : « Shining Superstar » feat Michaal Benjelloun/ Swan Vaude

  • Electric guitar


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