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Courage, self-sacrifice, resilience... these are just some of the words that sum up the values of this band from the Paris region, who, after overcoming the worst of adversity, could simply have thrown in the towel. But Bukowski is much more than just a rock band. They're a family. A clan led by Mathieu Dottel, singer-guitarist as tenacious as he is inspired, who insisted on continuing the adventure after the death of his brother Julien, bassist by his side since the beginning of the story launched in 2007. Over a period of fifteen years, the musicians have played a steady stream of gigs, hit the road and released 5 albums, all recorded with an incredible sense of urgency combined with a dense, powerful sound, a sort of cross between stoner, metal and hard rock.

With this eponymous album, Bukowski makes a profession of faith and celebrates continuity as much as a new beginning. Put together with their new drummer, who arrived in 2019, the four musicians - Mathieu on guitar and vocals, Clément on guitar, Julien on bass and Romain on drums - took advantage of the pandemic-related forced break to discover new horizons and explore hitherto uncharted sonic territories. Between sessions with HK (Loudblast, Black Bomb A, Otargos...) at the Vamacara studio and working remotely, which led the musicians to turn to computer solutions for many of the arrangements, the band took advantage of this way of working to develop new ideas. Having so often been labelled stoner over the years, Bukowski are now asserting themselves as a band capable of so much more, somewhere between solid rock and alternative metal. Listening to this new album is irrefutable proof of this.

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