Viola set medium tension 

Reference : 800MB


The innovation consists in the use of an improved raw material very different from nylon.
It has the same density and the same elasticity than the gut strings.
Apart from the very new sound quality very close to the sound of gut it does not badly react but resists to very high or very low temperatures.
This material is not affected at all by highly moisturised atmosphere and very dry air.
The strings last muchlonger than gut strings (two to five times according to the conditions of use). The sound close to gut is rather warm but rich.

Corelli Alliance Vivace set is available in 3 tensions : 

            Medium                            Medium-Light                               Forte








Longueur vibrante = 33 cm


It has been made possible thanks to :
  • The discovery by our research and development department of new raw materials
  • The very new combination of the winding materials for each string
  • The aquisition of high tech machines to replace all existing ones.
In addition to outstandingly precise mechanism they are computerised as much as possible to control an accurate production process and the quality control of the whole
Consequently they have such excellent characteristics that the strings are new in the way they offer actual improvements concerning the quality of sound large and deep, the harmonics spectrum, the fast response even in the high positions, pianissimo, light staccato with only a light.