Adastra Quartet

violin - viola - cello



The Adastra Quartet was created in 2013 by four musicians gathered at the "Academie Supérieure de Musique" in Strasbourg, with very different personalities and from all over France. Driven by their passion for this musical sharing that was both intimate and enriching, they soon found their first support: the Quartet Parisiiqui, with wise advice, allowed them to persevere in this direction. 

The Adastra Quartet is composed of : 

In 2015 the quartet joined the specialized training of the Quatuor Debussy in Lyon and became grant holder of the "Académie et Festival Musique" in Flaine for two consecutive years, where the Quartet has the honor of working with personalities such as Yovan Markovitch and Luc-Marie Aguera (Ysaye Quartet). 

The following year, the Adastra Quartet was selected to participate in the Paris Philharmonie's "Tremplin for Young Quartet" as part of the 2016 String Quartet Biennale. At the same time, it joined the ProQuartet institution, enjoying quality masterclasses, the latest of which given by Irvine Arditii and Philippe Manoury. 

The Adastra Quartet claim a very open approach to music, and does not hesitate to associate itself with projects that take it beyond the classical framework - into the worlds of jazz, theater or contemporary art. 

From classical music to contemporary music, from the Theater to the Opera, no artistic field is left out by the Quartet. The quadrinome was called several times as a solo quartet for opera productions, especially with large institutions such as the "Opéra National du Rhin".

  • Viola
  • Violin
  • Violoncello


  • Corelli