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Armen Doneyan began playing guitar at the age of six in the class of Alexander Gérard Conservatory Bry-sur-Marne (94). He joined the Regional Conservatory of Saint-Maur in the class of Daniel Lavialle in 2002 and the CRR in Paris in the class of Ramon de Herrera in 2004 where he won the prize with honors in 2008.
The same year, he entered the class at the Conservatoire Judicaël Perroy Departmental Radiation of Aulnay-sous-Bois in 2010 and gets its excellence with honors. He is currently Master at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris in the class of Roland Dyens and Jean Marc Zvellenreuther, and also follows the advice of Jeremy Jouve.
His passion for chamber music pushes him to form in 2010 the Duo Soleá guitar-cello duo with Michèle Pierre, with whom he obtained in June 2013 graduated from Paris Conservatory Chamber Music license in the class of François Salque and Itamar Golan.
Armen is the winner of many international competitions:
- 1st price of Ivor Mairants (England) in 2012
- 2nd Prize and Audience Award Stefano Strata Competition (Italy) in 2014
- 2nd Prize, Audience Award and Prize for best interpretation of the work imposed on Competition Antony (France) in 2015
- 4th Prize of the Robert-J Guitar Competition. Vidal (France) in 2011


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