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"This is inevitably Arthur Grumiaux that you think of while listening Hugues Borsarello play Mozart" Diapason (sept-2015)

As an eclectic artist, Hugues Borsarello is a soloist, chamber musician, first violin of the Volta quartet, musical director and violin solo of La Follia Alsace chamber orchestra, artistic advisor and solo violin of the Lamoureux Concert Orchestra.

After studying at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris, he joined the Metropolitan Orchestra of Lisbon at the age of 20 as a supersolist. He continued for ten years this orchestral experience before deciding to devote himself more fully to his projects.
It took him to perform at various festivals such as "La folle journée" in Nantes, the Festival du Périgord Noir ... and abroad : Barbican in London, NCPA in Bombay, Kioi Hall in Tokyo ... All these experiences allow him to share the stage with François-René Duchâble, Gérard Caussé, Gautier Capuçon, Alexander Markov ...

In 2014 his full concertos with Mozart's "La Follia, chamber orchestra of Alsace" that he leds with his violin is critically acclaimed, especially the magazine Diapason who does not hesitate to compare it with one of Arthur Grumiaux, a reference in this repertoire. 
In 2015 he creates the quartet Volta with Laurent Manaud-Pallas, Arnaud Thorette and Gauthier Herrmann, where he played the first violin part. Their first album devoted to the quartets of Mozart is released in June 2016.
He did not forsake his symphonic experience, indeed, he became in 2015 the solo violin of the Lamoureux Concert Orchestra, as well as his artistic adviser in 2016.

As a passionate artist of science and more particularly of acoustics, he tries to reconcile these two worlds by designing and realizing his material of recording and sound reproduction. The "La Grande Castine" speaker (awarded of the best listening by the StereoTimes at the Munich show 2011) is among other things the fruit of his work.
In 2012, he experimented with the music acoustics laboratory at the University Pierre and Marie Curie (Sorbonne Universities) to understand the projection of old (Stardivari and Guarneri del Gesu) and modern violins in conditions of Sonata and concerto with orchestra.

Hugues Borsarello is playing with a violin of V. Ruggieri, Cremona c1695.



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