Les doigts de l'homme

Acoustic Jazz Guitar



The group is composed of Olivier KIKTEFF (guitar), Yannick ALCOCER (guitar), Benoît CONVERT (guitar), Tanguy BLUM (double bass), and Nazim ALIOUCHE (percussion).

"Dans le monde", (In the world in English), the title chosen for their first album revealed the personality of the group "Les doigts de l’homme" (Man’s fingers in English). An identity built since 2004 along with the first 5 albums and 700 concerts given. Precursors of a well-defined style, they have built a music of their own without blinkers, open to all music.

"Les doigts de l’homme" is an acoustic, sensitive, balanced group that expresses its difference by playing its own compositions. This combinaison of openness in inspiration and demand in interpretation is the way of Olivier Kikteff, the leader of the group. A self-taught guitar fan of acoustic and electric guitar, who made his first experiences of music in Burkina Faso (alongside the national star Bilaka Kora) before returning to France with Celtic music training.

The gypsy passion came after with the first CD made with the bassist Tanguy Blum. "Les doigts de l’homme", a string group (guitars and double bass), were born. And with them, the emergence of a very particular style with different type of music: gypsy, flamenco, traditional French song and even classic with a notable version of “le Boléro de Ravel”.

"Les doigts de l’homme" have built a repertoire mainly based on original compositions that have earned them an international reputation throughout Europe but also in South Africa, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Russia…

"Les doigts de l’homme" is among the group easily recognizable from the first chords. For instance, with their "1910", album simply titled of the date of birth of the genius gypsy guitarist (Django Reinhardt). The gypsy spirit synonymous of generosity and adventure, is there within the quartet.

Precursors of a well-defined style, the melodies, arrangements and themes are singular and remain the heart of the group. A work between simple and complex, easy and intense. The gypsy guitars, technical level and musicality of each musician provide a perfectly recognizable sound whatever the style playing.

Their identity is also based on the pleasure of creating and playing together. A friendship, a visible and palpable fraternity gives to this team a profile of a real group.



  • Acoustic jazz guitar


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